How to Use Social Media for Marketing Your Subscription Box

How to Use Social Media for Marketing Your Subscription Box

Using social media is an effective, low cost way to market and grow your subscription box service.

You can jump into conversations and learn what makes your customers tick. Create content that builds both excitement and trust around your brand. Acquire AND retain subscribers so you can grow your business organically.

For the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with Bocandy, an international candy subscription box startup out of Detroit. After only a few months of consistent engagement and experimentation, we’ve already seen a month-over-month increase in referral traffic as well as a 4x increase in average post engagement.

With these social media tips, you can do the same for your subscription box.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing Your Subscription Box

Social Media Tips for Your Subscription Box

Look at what your competitors are doing.

Search for subscription boxes and products related to your niche. Make a list of their social media handles and periodically check out what they are up to.

Which types of posts are most popular? Do fans respond well to product photos, memes, or pictures of the team? Do cute posts or funny posts get the most engagement? This will give you a starting point for what to try on your account.

Experiment with different social media channels.

Most subscription boxes are business-to-consumer, so Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are usually good starting points. Think about your target audience’s age and demographics – what social media are they already using? Consider whether you want to be on a popular, competitive platform like Facebook or a smaller, growing platform like Pinterest.

Take a look at this chart from Buffer’s article on how to choose a social network to see which channels will likely work for your demographic.

Social Network Demographics

Instagram is a highly visual platform that works great for sharing photos of your subscription box. At Bocandy, we frequently post photos of our boxes. As a bonus, we get to see which candies people are interested in and also get feedback from our subscribers on what they liked.

If you plan on using Instagram, I highly recommend on using a shortened link. This will help you better track leads, since your default profile link will show up as direct traffic in Google Analytics, making it hard to tell which visitors came from Instagram.

Follow your niche.

This is probably one of the easiest tricks in the book and it’s pretty effective. Look at social media accounts that your target customer is already following and follow these users. There are many freemium apps like Unfollowers, Tweepi, and Crowdfire you can use to manage your followers.

Also, engage with them! Like their photos. Comment on their posts. Just don’t ask them directly to sign up. The goal is to build relationships with these users until they’re (hopefully) ready to buy.

Encourage your fans to share photos.

Earned media, aka word of mouth, will help you grow your business through referrals from your already happy customers. Remind your subscribers to share with a custom hashtag printed directly on your subscription box. 

Bocandy box with hashtag

Re-share these pictures with apps like Repost. Fans generally love having their photos shared. Plus, you get to build customer loyalty and reduce churn. Potential customers will also see these photos as social proof, making them want to subscribe.

Get influencers to share your subscription box.

Send complimentary boxes to bloggers popular with your target audience. Even if you don’t receive a glowing review, you’re increasing awareness of your brand among people likely to buy.

At Bocandy, many of our subscribers are moms who like to try new candy with their kids. Thus, we send out free boxes to mommy bloggers. You can also work with bloggers to give out exclusive coupon codes and run giveaways. Have fun with this! And don’t forget to analyze your page referrals to see which bloggers are sending you the most customers.

Create anticipation.

The beauty of a subscription box is that you always have new surprises to share each month. While your subscribers are waiting for their next box, use this opportunity to tease what’s coming up. By offering these sneak peeks, you’re providing extra value to your followers.

We shared a picture of green tea kit kats with our followers to drum up excitement before our boxes arrived. (This can be an especially good tactic if you have shipping delays, for any reason.) We also shared a blog post on 20 unusual Kit Kat flavors and generated feedback on what our followers wanted to try.

Pay attention to what’s working and try new things.

At the end of the week, analyze your popular posts. Compare engagement and referral traffic across your different accounts to see which channels are sending you the most visitors and sales.

Feel free to get creative and create media like videos and infographics. Experimenting with different posts is what will keep you ahead of your competitors. Remember…

Henry Ford quote

Do you have tips on marketing subscription boxes with social media? Share them in the comments!

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